IT Training 101: Keypoints in Getting an IT Certification Program

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

You've finished your IT degree and thought of adding Microsoft certifications to augment your portfolio. You may also be an IT professional but still aims to have a better grasp of the ever-changing technology in the industry through trainings. Earning a certification is a significant step in your career but it's one that requires a strong commitment, as well as investing in your time and resources.

Before you join a Microsoft training certification program, you should know that the selection you make will be vital to your success. 85% of IT professionals will carry at least one certification. Indeed, it is an opportunity to sharpen your competitive edge as an IT specialist which will benefit you and your employer. Here are some essential keypoints to know:

  • Employers need an employee who is trained in specific technologies that matter the most to them. Technology is always moving forward, and employers need an employee who is an expert in these updated and new topics.Key takeaway: Choose a training or certification that suits your interest but at the same time, addresses the company needs.

  • Certification increases your skillset and the ability to become innovative. Today, more-than ever, it's vital for an employee and employer to stay innovative. Certificates and the training involved help innovation continue, contributing to the company and the employee's success. Key takeaway: Pick a program that is inclusive of the latest and most advanced modules for your field.

  • Skill gaps put a strain on the departments within an organization. Earning Microsoft certifications and training help fill in this gap. Employees who are carrying a certificate can often lead to more productivity and even better morale. Also, knowledge is shared across the department. Key takeaway: The skill gap can be always be filled by being up-to-date with the latest IT trends.

  • Finishing a certification program will allow you to make a more substantial impact on your employer. It shows that you're willing to grow and advance your career. By learning new skills and carrying a certification, you establish a greater sense of commitment to continuous learning and further enhance your skills.

  • As a company, Microsoft trainings will have a positive impact on you and your employees. You'll see greater confidence as this extra training helps in doing their tasks more efficiently. Plus, it will give them a greater sense of optimism about their career.

The value of being certified, especially on Microsoft trainings, is advantageous to both employers and IT individuals. The skills gained will help you differentiate yourself from others and lead to greater success and innovation. When looking for a program, consider the above as a guideline and always remember to get trainings and be certified on centers that is a genuine Microsoft Partner.