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Microsoft Cloud Captains Program

Gain in-depth knowledge in Microsoft Cloud with our hands-on training experience and mentoring sessions.

The Cloud Captains Program is designed to help Microsoft Partner Sales Executives take their cloud skills to new heights by driving foundational knowledge in Microsoft Cloud technologies and providing comprehensive assessments.


Why be a Cloud Captains?

​Cloud Captains bear the honor and prestige of being skilled leaders in steering an organization’s digital transformation journey proved by demonstrated expertise in Microsoft Cloud technologies.

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Digital transformation requires new skills

Understand the value of skilling and build a learning culture.


Invest in upskilling or training your teams


Reward employees that invest in learning


Prioritize certification in hiring and recruiting

Our Training Approach

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Program Components

Instructor-led Training

- Virtual Classroom Training for a total of 18 hours (three hours per session) spread in two weeks with a class size maximum of 10.

- Type of delivery: Mentoring Sessions, Demos, and/or hands-on labs

Gamification & Achievements

An engaging learning environment that motivates you to complete modules, unlock achievements for you and your team, and track your progress with a scoreboard to earn recognition for your technical skills



- Microsoft Official Learning Certificate signed by Satya Nadella (Microsoft’s CEO)

- Microsoft Cloud Captains Program Completion Certificate signed by Microsoft Philippines and NTT DATA program owners

- Exclusive Microsoft Cloud Captains freebies, and award tokens

Post-Training Activities

  • Getting certified on Azure Fundamentals

  • Quarterly discussion of Azure Pipeline with Microsoft Philippines

If you want to know more about the program, feel free to send your inquiry here:


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